Sunday, October 13, 2019

Planning a trip to Machu Picchu? Choosing Valencia is the Only Option

Planning a trip to Machu Picchu
You won´t regret our 5-Star Rated Travel Agency

    Heres 3 Reasons Why:

Reason #1 Save yourself TIME, HASSLE AND PEACE

I have traveled to Machu Picchu not using a travel agency thinking I could save money but I never counted the cost of what I would be spending. Realizing all the prices are already highly inflated for tourists, I found myself jumping from place to place looking for the best deal as many tours try to get you to spend top dollar for basic services. I spent more time hassling about price than touring Cusco. 

Valencia not only offers you amazing deals but their service is ONE OF A KIND. From their amazing Chefs to amazing tour guides and you save hours of hassling for the best service and food while touring the amazing country of Peru. 

Reason #2 The Unexpected 

Traveling to a different country, you become shocked to see the processes and customs. I didn´t expect it to be like America or other countries but I was shocked to see the complications and problems they have because of their processes. Without a travel agency, you are left to deal with all these problems and complications alone with no help or no information on how to bypass them. 

Valencia Travel is unbelievable locals and experienced tour company that 972 travelers rave about their process and step by step help on Tripadvisor. To have a company like this help you through your travels the entire time you are in their country is a blessing and you won´t regret it.

Reason #3  Their plans vs Yours won´t compare 

When traveling to a different country, we all sort of build a bucket-list of things we want to do and accomplish while we are there. Most of the times we do not get to accomplish everything because we find other things while visiting that we want to do as well. It sometimes becomes difficult to see everything. 

With Valencia Travel, they not only learn about all of the things you want to see but they add the local honey holes and gems that only the people from Peru know to exist. So you not only get to see everything you want to see but the things you are forever thankful you got a chance to witness. 

Traveling to a different country can be time-consuming, complicating and a big hassle planning step by step plans and avoiding all the complications but choosing Valencia Travel Cusco will be the smartest decision by far. They will amaze you not only with their professionalism but their service, amazing individuals and unbelievable attention. 

Choose the best when traveling to Peru.

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