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The Best Way to Travel to Peru

Traveling to Peru 

What better way to experience Peru than with our 15 Day Tour in Peru. This journey that will take to explore Lima colonial, the fantastic and superb Sacred Valley, the amazing Machu Picchu.

traveling to peru
Lima Costa Verde
Our 15 days in Peru tour will begin in Lima centre and cover the most representative districts for your enjoyment. We will pass in a private transport and collect you from your hotel after breakfast time.  The city tour where you will show you key sites of Lima, including:

traveling to peru
Lima Cathedral

  • Huaca Pucllana (magnificent ceremonial and archaeological centre)
  • The historic centre of Lima
  • Colonial buildings (Plaza Mayor, the Government Palace, the Archbishop's Palace, the Cathedral, the City Hall)
  • The Central bank Museum
  • San Francisco
  • The modern Lima

traveling to peru
Cusco, Peru
Day 3 and Day 4 will land us in Cusco to spend time exploring the beautiful rich city. Options of exploring with our Sacred Valley Tour viewing Pisac, Sacsayhuama, Ollantaytambo and more.

traveling to peru
Ruins of
On beautiful Day 5 and 6 we will head to Agua Calientes to the great Machu Picchu. This day is absolutely amazing as you get to embark your eyes on the beautiful history of the Inca culture.

traveling to peru
Agua Calientes
Machu Picchu
You will also have option of exploring the amazing Huayna Picchu.

Huayna Picchu
After visiting the amazing Machu Picchu, we will spend the next couple days in Puno, Peru. This amazing lakefront city delivers a different atmosphere from Cusco.

Puno, Peru on looking Lake Titicaca.
Our journey will take us to Puno a southeastern town of Peru, located on the shore of Lake Titicaca.  The legend of Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo, who emerged from the waters of Lake Titicaca to found the Inca Empire.

On this day will be touring all the route to Puno and having stops at four interesting sites where you will be guided on site.

  • Andahuaylillas: Sistine chapel of South America: this church is one of the most beautiful examples of Andean popular religious art. (It leaves at 7.30am and arrives at about 5pm.)
  • Raqchi (Wiracocha God Temple): This was an Inca church of monumental dimensions; 100 meters long, 26 meters wide and 14 meters high. The temple is divided in two naves and each nave shows 11 giant columns - huge!.
  • La Raya: This is the halfway point between Cusco and Puno and also the highest point (4335 meters above sea level). The landscapes here are stunning and typical Andean animals like the llama, alpaca and vicuña are common. It is also the geographic border between the two cultures - Quechua and Aymara.
  • Pukara: This is the most important and oldest ceremonial center of the altiplano. There are interesting lite-sculptures and tombs.

On the next day of our great adventure we will visit the floating Islands Uros and Taquile.

The people from Karina community are very friendly and welcoming, for them showing their living style to you is a compliment on your visit.  We will have our food in this Karina community and to spend another night in their unique traditional homes.

Luquina Island
After spending our amazing time on these great islands getting to know the wonderful people of Karina, we will head back to Puno and spend our last day before flying to the amazing Peru Amazon.

Puerto Maldonado and
Tambopata River
This part of the trip we will spend it in the amazing
Posada Amazonas onlooking the peace of this beautiful reserve.

traveling to peru
Posada Amazonas
After relaxing in the amazing forest, we will head out
Oxbow Lake. We will paddle around the lake in a catamaran, searching for giant river otters and other lakeside wildlife such as caiman, hoatzin and horned screamers.

traveling to peru
Oxbow Lake
We will also offer a tour an Ethnobotanical tour, of the Centro Ñape. We will learn about some medicinal plants such as: Ajo-Sacha, Yuca de Venado, Uña de Gato, Charcot-Sacha, Para-Para, among several others. 

traveling to peru
Ethnobotanical tour
After spending a night at the best resorts in the Amazon we will begin our last day adventuring through Mammal Clay Lick.

traveling to peru
Parrot Clay Lick
Here we will get a chance to view all the amazing colorful birds, frogs, deer, guan and parakeets with option to hike at night. At this time you may see more animals appear from their habitat and hear unusual callings.

traveling to peru
Lima, Peru
After all the adventures seeing more in two weeks than what most see in a lifetime, we will fly back to Lima and you will finish your journey in the city where it all begin.
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