Monday, December 30, 2019

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands

A Must See Destination 
Why must you visit the Galapagos Islands? 
Besides the fact that Charles Darwin created his fundamental work, "The Theory of Evolution" from the influence
of his first observations of the amazing islands and people matching the wildlife experience on Galapagos
similar to the likes of Africa, these unbelievable Islands present the most amazing wildlife experience in South America.
Here's 5 reasons why you must book this life-changing, unremarkable wildlife adventure with us.
Thinking you’ll get the time to enjoy the amazing beaches of all the Galapagos Islands isn’t likely but getting to roam
around the clear water and white soft beach enjoying the wildlife makes the experience that much more beautiful. 

Imagine being able to visit wildlife of all types such as sea lions, birds, crabs, tortoises and many more in their natural
habitat with no fear of your human presence as you are trusted and able to interact with all these amazing creatures. 
This along with the abundance of wildlife makes the experience on the Galapagos Islands better than any wildlife
adventure around the world.

With most of the year delivering warm waters and smooth tides, snorkeling and diving with sea lions, manta rays
and many different species of fish give this trip nothing short of perfection. With the ability to greet the underwater
wildlife in their natural habitat feels almost as if they are inviting you into their home as they playful swim with you
while you explore.  
What better way to interact with these beautiful creatures? 

Learning about the wildlife and the process of evolution on the Islands with short informational hikes as your tour guide
shows you around barren volcanoes makes this unbelievable experience turn into the greatest classroom lesson of your life. 
Learning about the history of the impressive Galapagos Islands from the man who discovered the beautiful lands to
the effect of Charles Darwin studies is more than necessary but important. This place is home to the fundamental
works of Charles Darwin “Theory of Evolution”, and has been classified as a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO for
it’s precious and delicate ecosystems. Traveling here will be the most creative and interesting science lesson of your life. 

Don't miss your opportunity at experiencing the vacation of a lifetime with us. Choose the Galapagos
Adventure you would like

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